J. Steven Manolis (b. 1948) is a painter in all mediums. His artistic concentration is focused on abstract expressionism with an emphasis on color and the creation of pleasing visual dimensions. He has been a private art student of the renowned artist Wolf Kahn for nearly twenty years. He works year round in his painting studio located in Miami, Florida.

Mr. Manolis is highly involved in the field of visual arts, and was past Chairman of the Advisory Board of the National Academy of Design as well as a Trustee of the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, Vermont, which conducts the nation’s largest Artist Residency Program.

Manolis invites us to immerse ourselves in living nature and vibrant color – passionately perceive them, submit to them, as he does… Manolis is libidinously invested in color, that is, his art bespeaks the pleasure principle, which as Freud said, functions ‘to reduce psychic tension that has arisen from drives pressing for discharge’…. Black is another color, as Matisse said, and Manolis’s mastery of black confirms that he is a modern master, more particularly, a modernisty, as his masterful responsiveness to his medium indicates, and with that an abstract expressionist… Indeed, Manolis’s color saturated abstractions breathe fresh life – fresh feeling —- into abstract expressionism… They are as forceful as – and less forced than – the embittered gestures of the New York abstract expressionists – indeed, more naturally forceful because they are informed by nature’s spontaneous force rather than human suffering. Manolis’s Miami abstract expressionism is a welcome relief from New York abstract expressionism, and just as authentic.
— Donald Kuspit, Renowned Art Critic